the business of Tech+IP

We invent Tech+IP deals and strategies to support our clients’ growth and core businesses.

Strategic Transactions
Research & Analytics
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    Strategic Transactions

    Advising our clients on trading Tech+IP assets, including:

    • Transaction strategy creation or restructuring
    • IP portfolio review and categorization (including non-core or under-valued IP identification)
    • Distressed transaction advisory
    • Patent sales and licensing
    • Venture creation and monetization
    • Technology transfer
    • Buyer and market identification
    • Marketing package development
    • Tech+IP valuation
    • Deal structuring and IP risk management 
    • Competitive market generation
    • Negotiation, diligence and closing
    • Fairness opinions and Board/Special Committee advisory
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    Advising our clients on developing and executing Tech+IP focused strategies, including:

    • Technology transfer
    • Conduct market research and generate targeted potential buyer list
    • Create strategic marketing packages for portfolio and subportions of portfolio
    • Facilitate IP portfolio transactions
    • IP portfolio review and categorization
    • Tech+IP monetization and commercialization strategies
    • IP-focused, independent board advice
    • Restructuring
    • Monetize non-core or under-valued IP
    • Run formal marketing campaign with structured bidding process
    • Advise on valuation of portfolio, patent purchase agreements, and final sales and transactions of Tech+IP
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    Research & Analytics

    BSIP has deep technology and research expertise, providing our clients with:

    • M&A, licensing, and transaction trend research
    • Investment due diligence
    • Comparable transaction analysis
    • Competitive technology market analysis
    • Targeted Tech+IP buyers lists
    • Targeted Tech+IP sellers lists
    • Technology landscape analysis
    • Royalty stack analysis
    • Standard technical contribution analysis
    • Litigation research
    • Patent technology landscape analysis